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chmod file permission codes

CHMOD File Permission codes and their usage

With the help of CHMOD file permission codes, you can manage access for yourself and other users as well. These codes follow a specific pattern or set of codes that allow you to change and update your file permission.

What are CHMOD file permission codes and how can you set them up to setup permissions for all the users and the user groups. Read more...

If you are using a Linux based web server, then it will be easy for you to apply these codes there.

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How to find the htaccess file on your website?

The htaccess file is located on your web server which is generally automatically generated by your CMS. If you are reading this article, it means you are looking you don’t know how to find the htaccess file on your website admin panel. The htaccess file lets you manage and handle client requests on your website and treats them accordingly.

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What does Error 403 mean and how to fix it

If you are visiting this article, it means you have come across this error and probably wondering what is error 403 and how to fix it? There are multiple reasons why a webpage throws an error 403. 


When you see this error, it means the webpage or content you are trying to access is forbidden for you because:

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25 MUST KNOW basic linux commands

25 must-know Linux basic commands for everyone

The moment you start using any Linux distro, you are bound to know the basics. Unlike macOS or Windows, Linux is heavily customizable, easy to use, and lets the user take control. So to master any Linux, you must know some of the basic Linux commands to enhance your Linux experience. These are some of the must-know Linux basic commands which you need to know before diving into the ocean.

25-MUST-KNOW-basic-linux-commands server99s
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