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VC -1GB 1GB 1vCPU 25GB 1-48 Hour 2TB $20/mo
VC -2GB 2GB 1vCPU 55GB 1-48 Hour 2TB $40/mo
VC -4GB 4GB 2vCPU 80GB 1-48 Hour 3 TB $70/mo
VC -8GB 8GB 4vCPU 160GB 1-48 Hour 4 TB $120/mo
VC -16GB 16GB 6vCPU 320GB 1-48 Hour 5TB $200/mo
VC -32GB 32GB 8vCPU 640GB 1-48 Hour 6TB $350/mo
VC -64GB 64GB 16vCPU 1280GB 1-48 Hour 10 TB $600/mo

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Amazon Web Services Offers multiple web and tech services for designers, developers, data scientists and learners. It is one of the biggest Cloud platform which offers 175+ fully functional services.

AWS was founded in 2002. In 2006, it launched it's first cloud platform. The cloud platform was developed by the combination of Iaas(Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS(Platform as a Service), and SaaS(Software as a Service). In June 2020, AWS has developed over 175 cloud services and solutions. AWS offers Computing, Migration, Security, Storage, Networking, Messaging, Database Management, Analytics, Management tools and much more.

Server99s is a now an official partener of AWS services and the reason why we are able to sell these services at a low cost is because of our official agreement.

FaqFrequently asked questions

Every server has a set measure of transmission capacity that can be utilized every month. We just check active transmission capacity. Approaching transfer speed would not be meant something negative for your month to month utilization and we incorporate 1 Gbps Network Interface Cards (NIC) with the majority of our AWS Servers to give amazing hosting services.

Root Access on our AWS Servers can be effortlessly asked for and conceded inside seconds through AMP (Account Management Panel) when your record and server are completely provisioned.

We offer the best solution with our AWS Servers are substantial limit HDD drives that can be included for a low month to month charge as a backup drive to store your local data backups.

No, we do not take any extra charges for help and support. If you are expecting any help or support in the web server hosting all you need to contact us on support by using any of our contact detail.

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